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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some links...

Some websites that have to do with Grey's Anatomy and/or gender/race:


This website is where the writers of Grey’s Anatomy get to talk about the episodes after they air. It’s really interesting because they tend to point out things that people may have missed or not looked deep enough into. The main writer, creator, and executive producer is an African-American female, and so she often discusses details that have to do with gender and race in the show.


The main topic of this blog is “the intersection of race and pop culture”. There’s even a few posts where they talk about race in Grey’s Anatomy.


A feminist analyzes the characters of Grey’s Anatomy.


A blog entry that discusses issues of race and gender in Grey’s Anatomy and also compares it to the show Scrubs.


A Grey’s Anatomy fan site.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogging In College: The Gender and Pop Culture Experiment

This is a link to our professor's page and an explanation as to what it is we are doing...


The Professor's Page! The ringleader of this crazy project! My 28 students and I will be blogging all Spring Semester 2007 on many forms of pop culture. This site will link to all of their sites, and provide the evolving dialogue we will consciously be intervening in via the technology of the blog and through critical analysis. Please visit often as it will change rapidly! Provide links, feedback, anything is fair game right now...

Gender in Popular Culture...

I'm making this blog for my Gender in Popular Culture class... So far my topic is Grey's Anatomy because there is a lot of issues involving gender, race, etc. in the show. And also, I love Grey's Anatomy!!

(I had to re-make my blog cause I couldn't log back into the first one)