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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Feminism Friday - Grey’s Anatomy by Thinking Girl

Our assignment this week was to find a blog with a similar topic as ours and make a comment about it. The title of the blog is the title of the blog I chose. The following is the first paragraph from that blog post:

OK, so everyday I get hits on this site from people looking for a feminist analysis of the hit TV show, Grey’s Anatomy. I guess they end up here because I have the show linked in my sidebar and, well, I write about feminism. Since Grey’s Anatomy is my new favourite TV show since the untimely death of my true all-time favourite, Alias, and in keeping with Ballgame’s post about feminism in film, I thought I’d give them what they come here looking for.

And here is my Comment:
For my “Gender in Popular Culture” class, I am making an entire blog based around issues of gender in Grey’s Anatomy. I agree with your analyses of each character, however I feel like some of the ways the characters are portrayed have been changing. First, you talk about how Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is portrayed as strong, tough, and dedicated. However, in some of the episodes earlier this season, they showed her questioning her ability to be a doctor. Even the one woman on the show who seemed so confidant and sure of her abilities began questioning herself. However, she has regained her confidence, which was shown in the episode where she decided she wanted to build a free clinic. I’m sure everyone would be really excited if they really do let her become the chief of surgery. Or even if Addison became chief of surgery, even though that seems less likely.
Also, in the last three part episode, the power Meredith has over Derek was really shown. Even Derek didn’t know how much he needed her until that happened. In the first episode, Meredith talks about how a girl has a “knight in shining whatever”. Then show Meredith “drowning” in the bathtub, and Derek comes and pulls her out. When she is knocked into the water, Derek once again saves her from drowning. However, when it comes to actually saving her, he was helpless. He couldn’t even pull himself together enough to know what to do. In the end, it was that Meredith had to save herself.
Considering the main writer for the show Shonda Rhimes is a woman, I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually the female characters on the show begin to hold their own against the men eventually.
The URL for my blog is http://nicolepopcultureblog.blogspot.com if you’re interested!