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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Collage

This collage shows most of the main characters of Grey’s Anatomy. Many of the pictures have some sort of sexual imagery in them. A large amount of the show deals with the sexual relationships between the characters.

The third picture on the top row shows Izzy Stevens, one of the interns, topless. In this particular episode, she was angry with the fact that she was being ridiculed because she was a former model. No one was taking her seriously as a doctor. She took off her top and yelled at the other interns about how just because she is an attractive woman, and yes, she does have breasts, that it doesn’t make her any less of a doctor.

A few of the other pictures show the vulnerability of the women on the show. While the women on the show are all also portrayed at times as strong, there are also other times where their vulnerability is very apparent. While this may seem like it is showing the women on the show as weak, I feel it only serves to make them seem human. Also, as the show progresses, I think the strengths of the women are becoming greater and they are all learning to become stronger and more independent.
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Jessie said...

The collage is fabulous and the angle you pursued is perfect for the topic and assignment. However, the analytical basis for the collage's images is difficult to assess without the use of course material (that you needed to cite for this assignment) because the argument you're attempting to make about sexuality and this show ultimately seems vague without analysis/inclusion of course material. The examples in the images and in your paragraph are well-suited for analysis and I'm confident that you can make the link to the course materials :o)